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What is the best epoxy resin to complete your project

Jul 23

There are a lot of aspects to consider when selecting the epoxy resin you will need for your project. The first step is to determine the requirements of your project. You can choose a product by its design. If you're concerned about the environment then you should select a green product. Glass-like epoxy resins are the ideal choice for those who want an appearance that resembles glass. There are a variety of options. You can pick an epoxy with a texture. Clear epoxy resin can be another choice.

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EcoPoxy GelCoat

EcoPoxy GelCoat is an environmentally friendly epoxy coating. It is totally solid, odorless and safe. It's not water-based as other coatings. Since it's non-solvent, non-conductive and hygroscopic it is ideal for outdoor usage. EcoPoxy GelCoat resin can also be used to seal wood.

The top gel coat resin is applied in an depth of between 16 and 20 millimeters. It offers long-lasting protection as well as excellent cosmetics. It is durable and resists blistering water. It is greener than conventional epoxy coatings, and consequently, is more costly. It is available only in small amounts. It is a fantastic option for boat and automotive applications.

EcoPoxy GelCoat's simplicity of use is a further advantage. The two-part formula cures into an unmistakable, solid solution within three days. It can be applied using either a roller or brush, or even a sprayer. Make sure to use brushes that have nap that is solvent-resistant as foam rollers may leave bubbles. EcoPoxy GelCoat is different from conventional epoxy materials. It doesn't shrink after cure.


EcoPoxy FlowCast ecopoxi resin pours like liquid glass. It is easy to pour Ecopoxy FlowCast resin similar to glass. Its consistency is comparable to that of liquid glass. It is a good choice for numerous applications, such as concrete and the masonry industry. Here are some information regarding the resin. Let's look at the main advantages.

FlowCast Ecopoxi is a flexible and highly-performance epoxy resin that is able to cure to give a transparent, glassy appearance. It is highly scratch-resistant and is a great air release material. It is perfect to encapsulate items since it is not prone to exothermic heat build-up. FlowCast is an inverse ratio of hardener to resin, making it simple to make high-quality castings using little or no sanding.

FlowCast is an epoxy resin with two components that cures transparent. It is perfect for casting projects that require live edgewood. FlowCast is compatible with various substrates, and it is water-clear. It is a better UV stabilizer and has low viscosity. It can be tinted with EcoPoxy Metallic Color Pigments as well as liquid colorants. It can be painted or stained and is compatible with a variety of finishing methods.

Snow White

SnowWhite ecopoxy resin is distinguished by its distinct advantage of being the most white-casting epoxy available. The casting epoxies of SnowWhite produce an opaque white finish. But, unlike other casting epoxies that leave an opaque white finish, the pigments of SnowWhite are incorporated into the formulation , creating an opaque white surface. SnowWhite cures quickly and dry to a 100% solid. It is also non-toxic and odorless.

It is simple to mix and does not create a strong odor. It's ideal for any project that requires an transparent white surface. SnowWhite is compatible using woodworking tools like drills and routers. SnowWhite won't slip or break for a long time which makes it a great option to complete woodworking tasks. It is crucial to keep in mind that SnowWhite is not an "pot life" like other resins.

SnowWhite epoxy resin is combined with a clear or white base to get the optimal results. This creates an even surface. Snow White is brighter and more robust in comparison to Pure White powder, making it a great option for making epoxy resin. The resin is sold by weight , so it is able to be combined with other resins for the most effective results. It isn't metallic, and it has a slight blue tint. It's easy to use: You could mix seven components of SnowWhite epoxy resin to make one quarter quart of resin.


UVPoxy Ecopoxy is an excellent option for clear coats with high-build. The non-toxic, safe formulation provides a clear finish that is resistant to yellowing and fade. The non-toxic, UV-stable composition is a great option for projects that need transparency. UVPoxy ecopoxy is a flexible resin that can be utilized to coat interior and exterior surfaces.

UVPoxy ecopoxy resin has a high-gloss and has self-leveling properties. It's also scratch and water-resistant. UVPoxy is also impervious to scratch and water and offers excellent color stability. UVPoxy's water- and scratch-resistant crystal-clear finish is able to prevent crawling, fish-eye, and scratches. UVPoxy unlike other ecopoxy resins is not maintained and doesn't require any further maintenance.

UVPoxy is an epoxy-based system that is professional grade. It is safe and non-odorless, produces clear results and is virtually odorless. Its ability to ward off yellowing makes it a great option for a range of applications like resin painting and woodworking. UVPoxy is safe and is able to withstand fading, cracking, and yellowing. It's also strong enough to be utilized in commercial environments. UVPoxy is able to be manufactured up to 1/4 inch thick to ensure the best durability.


EcoTrowel, an epoxy resin with high-performance and a repair products for surfaces designed to address the requirements of a wide range of industries that use composites. Its consistency is similar to peanut butter which makes it simple to mould and spread. It also provides an elegant, smooth finish. It can be applied to wood or concrete, and will not shrink after it's cured. It's heat-resistant and won't crack or fade under normal conditions.

Colored pigments are a great way to enhance the properties of changing colors of EcoPoxy. EcoPoxy color pigments are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with EcoPoxy resins. They are highly dense and are able to be added to hardeners or resins directly. They are available in jars of 15g or 60mL bottles that can be used to color the epoxies. They also come in a range of colors.

Clear finishes are ideal when making use of EcoPoxy Resin. Clear EcoPoxy Resin is curing with Clear Hardener to give a long-lasting and hard-wearing finish. Clear resin is able to be polished to a very high shine , and it has outstanding mechanical properties and wetting characteristics. It is also suitable to laminate. It is simple to mix and is suitable in projects that require wood grain, inlaid graphics, or reinforcements.


EcoPoxy FlowCast, an exclusive epoxy resin, is poured like glass liquids. It is particularly useful to pour concrete. EcoPoxy FlowCast is able to be combined with water to make an excellent edge. It is also able to be poured as small as one-half gallons. This is how it works.

EcoPoxy Epoxies can be utilized in conjunction with plastic, metal as well as wood tools. They are able to be combined with a range of dyes due to their superior tinting properties. They are able to be mixed together. EcoPoxy Epoxies can be combined and are extremely tough and wear-resistant. A EcoPoxy expert can assist you to choose which one to make use of. You can address any questions you may have and get a free samples of EcoPoxy products at no cost.

EcoPoxy (r) is a high-performance clear, two-component epoxy resin with outstanding dimensional stability is available in a range of colors. It is a great material to encase objects or artwork. It is not affected by UV-induced yellowing. UVPoxy cures to an opaque and water-clear surface with a high-gloss finish. It was designed to have moderate system reaction. It is possible to customize the ecoPoxy EPX to suit particular projects and applications.


GloPoxy Ecopoxy is an excellent option for laminating. It has exceptional wetting and curing properties and excellent mechanical properties. This makes it possible to create durable high-gloss coatings. The preparation process is essential for every GloPoxy products. Mix the coating in an unclean container for 2.5 minutes. Then, apply the coating to the surface.

GloPoxy ecopoxy is unique in its glow-in-the-dark function that permits it to shine for hours, even when the illumination is off. The material is composed of the highest-quality photo luminescent materials and is specifically designed to give the highest luminosity and a longer time of glow. GloPoxy's color balance guarantees that it won't change the color of light during exposure. GloPoxy's UV stability is high and its water and chemical resistance make it an eco-friendly choice for security applications.

EcoPoxy epoxy resin is made with an extremely high bio-content. It's a bio-based resin that releases minimal carbon emissions. It bonds a variety of substances and doesn't create bubbles when it cures. EcoPoxy is different from traditional epoxy resins. It does not emit greenhouse gases or create the vapors. EcoPoxy lets you reuse old wood to create new pieces. The greatest benefit of EcoPoxy is that it doesn't spend money or time on materials that other people have dumped.